Where to Go Look for sandstone


The Jacobsville Sandstone is found all along the southern parts of the Keweenaw and also along the Superior shore to the east and west. It does not crop out in many places, but there are spectacular exposures, especially along rivers and shorelines. You could spend several whole days exploring this great red bed formation.

Jacobsville Outcrop Locations

        Jacobsville Quarries 

        Stone Quarry Lake 

        Hebard Quarry

        Carnegie Museum

        Boulder Garden    EarthCache

        Chassell Township

        Traprock Valley  EarthCache

        Pt Abbaye


Some Sandstone buildings


    St Anne’s

    Calumet Theatre

    Calumet Firehouse

    St Paul the Apostle

    Lake Linden

    St Joseph’s

    Village Hall

    J Vivian Building


    Houghton Nat’l Bank

    Sheldon-Dee Block

    St Ignatius Loyola

    Houghton Club

    Grace United Church

    Masonic Temple



    Old Main

    Town Hall

Masonic Temple Building, Houghton

Building Stone Locations

    Carnegie Museum

    PowerHouse in Houghton

    Houghton Buildings    EarthCache

    Churches in Houghton  EarthCache


Freda and Nonesuch Locations

    Freda and Redridge

    Swedetown Creek, Hancock

    Little America

    Gratiot River North

Pictured Rocks Locations

    Hurricane R    EarthCache

     Chapel Rock    EarthCache