At the Gratiot River Park, accessible via the Bumbletown Road, the shoreline walk to the North traverses a pebble/cobble beach with outcrops of the Freda/Nonesuch and then crosses the contact with the Lake Shore Traps. Overall the walk is geologically interesting for about 2 miles. A series of amygdaloidal lava flows with pahoehoe tops is exposed in excellent exposures.

Copper Harbor Conglomerate
Lake Shore Traps
Freda & Nonesuch

Lake Shore Traps

Freda & Nonesuch Bedding

under water

Lake Shore Traps

Clarity of Lake Superior water is high and like this one, many geological contacts may be seen through the lake water.

Nonesuch Formation near Gratiot River Mouth
Alex Guth
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Cobble Beach
Lake Shore Traps

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