Natural Wall


A famous geological spot, the Natural wall is a resistant bed of the Jacobsville Sandstone, turned on its side, to near vertical.

Sketch map of the Natural wall valley, showing the changes in the strike and dip of the Jacobsville beds as one approaches the Fault. Between the Wall and the fault beds are actually overturned. Visiting the natural wall is possible by a short walk from the Old Colony road to an overlook point where the wall can be seen from the opposite (E side) of the ravine, or by following the railroad grade until you encounter the creek bed and walking up the Creek bed to the Fault. This is private land--ask in the next house located W of the Parking Spot, along the road.

Alison Stonehouse

Portage Lake Volcanics

Baraga Group

Jacobsville Sandstone

Both of these photos show the South Side of the Ravine, from the east and west sides of the wall.

RR crosses Ravine
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The Wall