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Experimental Course

Convergent Plate Boundary Volcanism

Spring 2008

Those interested in this class should 
contact their local EHaz coordinator!


This class is planned for Spring Semester 2008.  It is a prelude to a  field trip in May - June 2008 to the Mexican Volcanic Belt.  The course is aimed to find an advanced view of volcanism at Convergent Plate Boundaries.  There will be invited speakers to cover a broad view of advanced research at convergent plate boundary volcanoes. 

 The EHaz universities (Michigan Tech, Buffalo, McGill, Simon-Fraser, UNAM and Colima) will be the main participants, but lectures will come from many other sources. There will be guest lectures every week delivered via PowerPoint files with narration or notes. The speaker will join the web discussions on Wednesday pm, to allow for questions and discussion. Each student will receive the PowerPoint lectures before the discussion, and review them at their own convenience. The PowerPoint will be online for the discussion to allow referring to figure material. The software used for teleconference discussions is Marratech, and Michigan Tech has arranged for a web home connection for our class. Marratech can be accessed from any computer linked to the web and is designed for discussions online.


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