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Field Trip to Yellowstone and Long Valley Calderas


Ehaz funded the first field trip of the Restless Calderas of Western US, Summer 2006.  Eighteen students and two professors attended the two week field trip which extended from  Yellowstone Caldera, Wyoming to Long Valley Caldera, California. 

The first week was stationed at Yellowstone National Park where Guillaume Girard, a PhD student at McGill University, headed the field discussions and lead the students to 14 important stops.  Among geologic and volcanically significant outcrops, the students also enjoyed a variety of wildlife and many signs of an active caldera system. 

The second week was held in Long Valley, California, where Professor John Stix lead the students to volcanological important sites, including the Mono and Inyo Craters, Glass Mountain, Mammoth Mountain and a Rhyodacite Dome.


Students Who Participated in the Field Trip

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August-Sept  2007  

Debris Avalanches and Landslides

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Canadian Rockies (led by Canadian Partners)


May- June  2008   

Active Convergent Plate Boundary Volcanism

Mexico (led by Mexican partners)

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