Convergent Plate Boundary Volcanism

Trans-Mexican Volcanic Belt

EHaz Spring 2008

mexican voclanic belt
Central Trans-Mexican Volcanic Belt. From right to left: Iztaccíhuatl, Popocatépetl, Chichinautzin volcanic field, Sierra de Las Cruces, Ajusco, and Nevado de Toluca.
Image by Enrique Cabral (Instituto de Geofísica).
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24 Jan 2008


Yoshiyuki Tatsumi

Presented by Joaquin Cortes

31 Jan 2008
3:30pm EST

Charles DeMets


Geodynamic processes at subduction zones

(Convergence rates, roll-back, crustal deformation)                          

Powerpoint Material:

Subduction tectonics: Earthquake cycle and long- term deformation


Jarrard, Relations among Subduction parameters
(Dr DeMets requests that you olny skim this and focus on parts that interest you as it is a 68 page article)

Additional Readings:

On the relationships between slab dip, back-arc stress, upper plate absolute motion, and crustal nature in subduction zones

:  UNAM                                          Recorded Discussion


7 Feb 2008

Juan Pablo Ligorría A.

 Seismic Profiling of subduction zones – Benioff zone     
(Tomography beneath volcanic arcs: Andean arc) 


Liggoría, Crustal velocity structure of southern Guatemala 
using refracted and Sp converted waves

Deformation of crustal thickness beneath Chiapas, Mexico using
S and Sp waves

Distribution of stresses and geometry of the Wadati-Benioff 
zone under Chiapas, Mexico
Manea, V.C., and Manea, M., 2006. The origin of modern Chiapanecan 
volcanic arc in southern Mexico inferred from thermal models
. Under
Publication: GSA Special Paper 412 ch2: “Natural Hazards in Central America”

Rogers, R.D., H. Karason and R. van der Hilst, 2002. Epeirogenic 
uplift above a detached slab in northern Central America
. Geology, v.
30, no. 11, p1031-1034.

Mann, P., Rogers, R., and Gahagan, L., 2006, Chapter 8. Overview of
Plate tectonic history and its unsolved tectonic problem
. in J.
Buncdschud (ed) Central America : Geology, Resources, and Natural
Hazards, Balkema Publishers, The Netherlands. p. 205 – 241.
Extra Materials:

Cocos-Nazca slab window beneath Cental America  (Johnston and Thork)


Moderators:   MTU                   

14 Feb 2008


Xyoli Perez Campos


Seismic Profiling of subduction zones – Lithosphere above Benioff zone
(Morphology of Benioff zones: Mexican arc)


Shape of the subducted Rivera and Cocos plates in southern Mexico: Seismic and tectonic implications (Pardo and Suarez)

Q of Lg waves in the Central Mexican Volcanic Belt (Singh)

Additional Readings:

Crustal structure of south-central Mexico estimated from inversion of surface wave dispersion curves using genetic and simulated annealing algorithms (Iglesias)

Tomographic search for missing link between the ancient Farallon subduction and the present Cocos subduction (Gorbatob and Fuako)

Moderators: Colima     

21 Feb 2008

Jenni Barclay

Insights from experimental petrology into magma, storage and 
dynamics in subduction-related settings

What is a Rock?


A Hornblende Basalt from Western Mexico: Water-saturated Phase Relations Constrain
a Pressure---Temperature Window of Eruptibility (Barclay and Carmicheal)

The hydrous phase equilibria (to 3 kbar) of an andesite and basaltic andesite from western
Mexico: constraints on water content and conditions of phenocryst growth (Moore et al,

Additional Readings:

Amphibole "sponge" in arc crust? (Davidson et el)

A low-pressure–high-temperature technique for the piston-cylinder (Moore et al, 2008)

Equilibration Scales in Silicic to Intermediate Magmas - Implications for Experimental Studies (Pichavant)

More useful references from Jenni
Moderators:  Buffalo                          Recorded Thursday session
28 Feb 2008

7:00 pm EST


Georg Zellmer

Processes and rates of magma ascent, storage and differentiation beneath arcs


Some first order observations on magma transferfrom mantle wedge to upper crust at volcanic arcs

Arc dacite genesis pathways: Evidence from mafic enclaves and their hosts in Aegean lavas

Magma evolution and ascent at volcanic arcs: constraining petrogenic  processes through rates and chronologies

Additional Readings:

Some remarks on the U-Th mineral ages from igneous rocks with prolonged crystallization cycles

Magma Emplacement and Remobilization Timescales Beneath Montserrat: Insights from Sr and Ba Zonation in Plagioclase Phenocrysts

Using trace element correlation patterns to decipher a sanadine crystal growth chronology: An example from Taapaca volcano, Central Andes

Georg was nice enough to answer the questions that we didn't get to in class.  Thery are posted here.

Moderators:  SFU                           Recorded Thrusday session

6 Mar 2008
Dougal Jerram
Understanding your textures: unraveling the origin of crystal 
populations in volcanic rocks

Microsampling and Isotopic Analysis of Igneous Rocks:
Implications for the Study of Magmatic Systems

3D Analysis of Rock Textures:
Quantifying Igneous Microstructures

Additional readings:  (these are for those who would like to think more about the subject, please keep the discussion to those readings above)

Quantifying the Building Blocks of Igneous Rocks: Are Clustered Crystal Frameworks
the Foundation?

On estimating crystal shape for crystal size distribution analysis

Combining CSD and isotopic microanalysis: Magma supply and mixing processes at Stromboli
Volcano, Aeolian Islands, Italy

More info in CSD, Thanks Caco!

Moderators: McGill
13 Mar 2008

simon peacock

Simon M. Peacock


Thermal Structure and Metamorphic Evolution of Subducting Slabs (Peacock)

Experimentally based water budgets for dehydrating slabs and consequences for arc magma generation (Schmidt and Poli)

Moderators : Mcgill

20 Mar 2008

Paul Wallace

The role of magmatic volatiles in arc magmas          

(Presence of volatiles in magmas, volatiles in arc magmas)


Volatiles in subduction zone magmas: concentrations and fluxes based on melt inclusion 
and volcanic gas data (Wallace)

Volatiles in Magmas (Wallace)

Additional Readings:

Constraints on mantle melting and composition and nature of slab components in volcanic arcs from volatiles (H2O, S, Cl, F) and trace elements in melt inclusions from the Kamchatka Arc

Subduction cycling of volatiles and trace elements through the Central American volcanic arc: evidence
from melt inclusions

The influence of H2O on mantle wedge melting (Grove)

Effect of solid flow above a subducting slab on water distribution
and melting at convergent plate boundaries (Cagnioncle)

Moderators:  UNAM            Recorded session

27 Mar 2008

Mike carr

Volcanism, Geochemistry and Tectonics at Cocos-Caribbean plate

Arc-parallel flow in the mantle wedge beneath Costa Rica and Nicaragua

Petrology and geochemistry of lavas

Additional Readings:

Element fluxes from the volcanic front of Nicaragua and Costa Rica

Moderators: MTU
03 Apr 2008
Becky Lange


Partial melting processes beneath arcs – crustal melting
(Formation of magmas at crustal levels)


The eruptive history of the Tequila volcanic field, western Mexico:
ages, volumes, and relative proportions of lava types

Additional Reading:

A Pliocene ignimbrite fl are-up along the Tepic-Zacoalco rift:
Evidence for the initial stages of rifting between the Jalisco block
(Mexico) and North America

Generation of high-silica rhyolite: A Nd, Sr, and O isotopic study
of Sierra La Primavera, Mexican Neovolcanic Belt

Modelling the petrogenesis of high Rb/Sr silicic magmas

Compositional Zoning of the BishopTuff

The Magma Reservoirs That Feed Supereruptions

Moderators: Buffalo
10 Apr 2008


Colin Macpherson

Constraints for the existence of adakites          
(Origin of and constraints for adakite’s existence, doubts on their existence)


Adakites without slab melting: High pressure differentiation of island
arc magma, Mindanao, the Philippines

Derivation of some modern arc magmas by melting of youg subductive lithosphere

Additional Reading:

An overview of adakite, tonalite–trondhjemite–granodiorite (TTG), and sanukitoid: relationships and some implications for crustal evolution

Lithosphere erosion and crustal growth in subduction zones:
Insights from initiation of the nascent East Philippine Arc

Overview of adakide petrogenesis (Chinese Science Bulletin)

Moderators: SFU

17 Apr 2008

Luis Lara

Volcano-tectonic relations in continental arcs
(Relationships between tectonics and style of volcanism)     

Volcanoes as possible indicators of tectonic stress orientation- Principle and Proposal

Rhyodacitic fissure eruption in Southern Andes (Cordo´n Caulle; 40.58S) after the 1960 (Mw:9.5)
Chilean earthquake: a structural interpretation

Additional Readings:

Fracture control on type, morphology and distribution of parasitic
volcanic cones: An example from Mt. Etna, Italy

Emplacement of volcanic vents and geodynamics of Central Anatolia, Turkey

The influence of regional stress and magmatic input on styles of monogenetic and polygenetic volcanism

SFU again, Thanks!
24 Apr 2008

luca ferrari

Luca Ferrar

The Trans-Mexican Volcanic Belt
(Tectonic background of the TMVB)

PDF version

Igneous petrogenesis of the Trans-Mexican Volcanic Belt
(Read the first part on the geology of teh Trans Mexican Volcanic Belt)

Additional Readings:
The Geochemical Puzzle of the Trans-Mexican Volcanic
Belt: Mantle Plume, Continental Rifting, or Mantle Perturbation Induced
by Subduction?

Slab detachment control on volcanic pulse and mantle heterogeneity in
Central Mexico
Additional informaion from Luca.  Thanks Luca!

Answers to Questions                    Supplemental ppt

Moderators: ASU

8 May 2008

Hugo Delgado

Active volcanoes of the Trans-Mexican Volcanic Belt

(Summary of the geology of the active volcanoes of central TMVB)


Geology and eruptive history of some active volcanoes of México

Additional Readings:
Geology of Xitle Volcano in southern Mexico City- A 2000-year-old monogenetic
volcano in an urban area

Late Pleistocene–Holocene stratigraphy and radiocarbon
dating of La Malinche volcano, Central Mexico

Magmatic volatile contents and degassing-induced crystallization at Volcán
Jorullo, Mexico: Implications for melt evolution and the plumbing systems
of monogenetic volcanoes

Aeriel Examination of  Volcanoes Along the Front of the Western  Trans-Mexican
Volcanic Belt and Visit to Parícutin Volcano

Moderators:  Colima

12-23 May 2008
Field trip



Popocatepetl              Los Azufres        El Peñon      Colima          

Nevado de Toluca        Michoacán-Guanajuato volcanic field       Chichinautzin

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