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The influence of the huge lake on nearby people’s lives is monumental, but unappreciated by many. Many things play out with the weather and climate elements: temperature, winds, rain and snow, clouds.  Other influences are intangible, such as inspirational and spiritual ones. The lake is so large it is like an ocean in most ways, yet it is located almost in the very center of a great continent--this is a profound geoenvironmental determinant:  A large lake centered within a large continent.

Lake Superior--what does it mean?


Why are the great lakes here? Their shape is closely related to glacial episodes and moraines left by the most recent retreat (Larson and Schaetzl, 2001).  But Lake Superior’s size and location is also coincident with the basin formed by the Keweenaw Rift, more than 1 billion years ago. Lakes and especially large ones are rare and do not survive very long.  The Great Lakes area is also marked by many smaller lakes, which is quite unlike other non-glaciated parts of the continent.

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