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Stromboli in eruption

Morning eruption from Craters 1 and 3, 12 June 1996

Stromboli volcano, Isole Eolie, Sicily, Italy

Activity of Stromboli in early to mid-June 1996

Photos by Marco Fulle, Osservatorio Astronomico di Trieste

Crater 1
Eruption from Crater 1 seen from north
(Full picture JPEG: 36K) 15 minutes exposure of Crater 1 in eruption, seen from the viewpoint about 300 m north of the craters, at about 750 m elevation. Three explosions from Crater 1 and a small one from Crater 3 (hidden behind the high SW rim of Crater 1) are captured on this photo, taken between 0132 and 0147 on 9 June. Note absence of major conelets within Crater 1, a consequence of the 1 and 6 June 1996 explosions.

Zoom of eruption

Close-up of bomb ejection from Crater 1
(Full picture JPEG: 72K) Explosion from vent 2 in Crater 1 at 0618 on 9 June 1996. This close-up photo shows a broad fountain of incandescent bombs, well visible even during daylight. View is from Pizzo sopra la Fossa.

Crater terrace
Panoramic view of the crater terrace
(Full picture JPEG: 48K) View from Pizzo sopra la Fossa towards the crater terrace, with Crater 1 lying to the right and a small ash plume rising from Vent 2 in Crater 3. Vent 1 in Crater 3, the source of quasi-continuous lava pond and spattering activity, is inactive. Crater 2, barely discernible behind the sulfur-covered north (right) rim of Crater 3, shows only weak fumarolic activity. Photo taken at 0642 on 9 June 1996.

Explosion from Crater 1
Strong explosion from Crater 1
(Full picture JPEG: 48K) Large lava fountain rising from vent 2 in Crater 1 at 0533 on 12 June 1996. Height of fountain is up to 100 m. Of the three major cones formed within Crater 1 during the summer of 1994, only a part of the southern "Twin" cone is still standing. View is from Pizzo sopra la Fossa.

Crater 3 eruption
Lava fountain erupting from Crater 3
(Full picture JPEG: 72K) Brightly incandescent lava fountain rising about 50 m above vent 2 in Crater 3 at 0556 on 12 June 1996.

Crater 3 close-up

Details of Crater 3 in the light of the rising sun
(Full picture JPEG: 84K) As the sun rises above the Pizzo sopra la Fossa, more detail of the interior of Crater 3 becomes evident. The morphology of vent 2 area has remained essentially the same since early 1995.

See Marco Fulle's May-June 1996 photos of Etna

Thanks to Marco Fulle for submitting these amazing photos and detailed info about the activity he observed on the occasion of his visit to Etna in May-June 1996.

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