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NE Crater, 31 May 1996

NE Crater in eruption under a starry sky, 31 May 1996

Etna volcano, Sicily, Italy

Activity of Bocca Nuova and NE Crater in May-June 1996

Photos by Marco Fulle, Osservatorio Astronomico di Trieste

Bocca Nuova
Strombolian activity within Bocca Nuova
(Full picture JPEG: 36K) View into Bocca Nuova at 2010 on 1 June 1996. The northwestern pit has two vents that display Strombolian activity. The vent at the southeastern base of the crater wall shows weak glow. Both features were already present in October 1995 and do not appear to have changed much since then except that the NW pit has grown in diameter.

NE Crater, 31 May 1996
NE Crater from NW, 31 May 1996
(Full picture JPEG: 60K) View from the northwestern rim of NE Crater towards south, showing high south rim (right) and active bocca producing a small ash explosion. Photo taken at 0910 on 31 May 1996. The crater which was at least 150 m deep in early October 1995 has been filled almost completely with pyroclastics during the activity which became vigorous in early November 1995. Steam rising from Bocca Nuova and Voragine craters is visible in the background.

NE Crater, 3 June 1996
NE Crater from NW, 3 June 1996
(Full picture JPEG: 36K) Three days later: NE Crater taken during a moment of inactivity, from approximately the same viewpoint as in previous photo. The active pit has apparently enlarged eastwards (that is, to the left). High southern crater rim is out of the view to the right. Steam from Bocca Nuova and Voragine is visible in the background.

NE Crater Strombolian eruption

Strombolian explosion from NE Crater
(Full picture JPEG: 48K) Evening eruption from the active bocca within NE Crater, at 2040 on 3 June 1996. Note that the bombs are ejected at an angle (to the left). The photo was taken from the NW rim of the crater. Diameter of bombs is up to several meters, some smaller bombs occasionally fell outside the crater.

See Marco Fulle's June 1996 photos of Stromboli

Thanks to Marco Fulle for submitting these amazing photos and detailed info about the activity he observed on the occasion of his visit to Etna in May-June 1996.

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