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Alla donna del mio cuore... Giada Giuntoli. To the fabulous story that began on 6 November 1990 on the island of Vulcano, and all its enchanting chapters.

Much of my knowledge of the Eolian Islands has been gained by making field trips together with other volcanologists and geologists, when I was acting as a local field guide but in fact was being guided myself to those marvellous places. Among those who led me to this knowledge there were

I have acquired some of the information appearing in the more "scientific" parts of this site from very pleasant conversations with friends and colleagues from Italy. I wish to express my particular gratitude to Mario Grasso, Luigi Tortorici and Carmelo Monaco, all of the Istituto di Geologia e Geofisica of the University of Catania, Maria Felicia Monaco of the University of Bari, Natale Calanchi and Claudio Tranne of Dipartimento di Scienze Mineralogiche at the University of Bologna, Jürg Alean (Kantonsschule Zürcher Unterland, Bülach, Switzerland) and Roberto Carniel at the Dipartimento di Georisorse e Territorio at the University of Udine.

I thank Marco Fulle of the Osservatorio Astronomico, Trieste, Italy, for sending me his marvellous Stromboli and Etna photos and making them available for this WWW site.

Tatsuro Chiba of the Asia Air Survey, Japan, is acknowledged for making his beautiful Kuju and Komagatake photos available on this site since his link is somewhat more unstable and therefore not well accessible from all parts of the world.

Highly valuable support for the Vesuvio pages has come from Benedetto de Vivo (University of Napoli), Francesca Bianco (Osservatorio Vesuviano), Flavio Dobran (Global Volcanic and Environmental Systems Simluation - GVES, Napoli) and Roberto Scandone (Terza Università di Roma).

Amy Clifton (Western CT State University, USA) provided beautiful photos and informations about present-day life on Heimaey.

Acknowledgments are due to Mike Lyvers, Australia, for making his April 1996 photos of active volcanoes in Vanuatu available for these pages. Abundant first-hand information about Villarrica volcano, Chile, and numerous spectacular photos made available for the first time on the WWW have been submitted by Werner Keller, and more material on other Chilean volcanoes will soon be added. Mrs. Hennecke and Mr. Sonderegger, both living in Chile, are acknowledged for sending their unique photos of Villarrica's 1971 eruption from their private collections. The spectacular photos of Villarrica's 1964 eruption have been kindly submitted by Erwin Patzelt, Germany.

Numerous persons at Geomar have helped with construction and maintenance of these pages and with the numerous technical problems, among which I would like to thank in particular Paul van den Bogaard, Armin Freundt, Rüdiger Kunze, Emanuel Soeding and Carsten Schirnick.

My gratefulness goes to the many indicidual whose work has helped much in the construction of this site. There is a lot of information based on my own observations, but the largest amount of info derives doubtlessly from already published material. Maps and in a few cases, other images, have been taken from these sources. I hope to have them always appropriately cited, if not, please send me a message, and any error will be corrected and any omission will be eliminated.

Mike Dolan of MTU deserves a very special "THANK YOU" for making the American mirror of this site possible, for crucial advice during the transfer and re-organization of both mirrors, and for "electronic company" during some of the most critical moments.
Equally, Mario Cocco of Video On-Line deserves my gratitude for setting up the second mirror in Italy, the country whose volcanoes are represented on these pages.

And finally, all the persons are thanked who send me their comments regarding this site. I am proud to say that virtually all comments have so far been extremely positive and encouraging. This surely is a further contribution to the quality of this site because it is still more fun building these pages with the consciousness of creating a source of pleasure and valuable information.

A spirit with a vision is a dream with a mission (Rush, 1987)

...and this is the town where this page comes from (Kiel's city hall with its 100-m-high tower, winter of 1993-94, reflecting in the windows of the theatre)

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