Houghton Geo Walk/Bike Sites



This site is aimed to walk or bike you through the city of Houghton, a place defined by the local geology, with an eye toward geological features and how they impact the site.  You should use your GPS as a guide and Google Earth as a map tool.  Any community can be linked to its geologic roots, and this is something that earth science teachers will find helpful. Outcomes of doing this is that people learn how to find their way around, how to visualize landscapes, how to read rocks and then how to understand their natural world and how it works.

This site is to present a group of places of geological interest in and around Houghton, Michigan. It is intended for walking or bike tours.  Use your GPS and find these spots.


First step in finding these geo walk/bike sites.  These are .kmz files which your GPS and smart phone can process.http://www.geo.mtu.edu/~raman/Houghtonkmzs.zipshapeimage_2_link_0