1991 eruption of Hudson volcano, Chile

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Hudson volcano, S Chile

The 1991 eruption

volcano number: 1508-057 (according to Volcanoes of the World, 1994 edition)

summit elevation: 1905 m

location: 45.90°S, 72.97°W

Two spectacular views of Hudson volcano in southern Chile, during the initial phase of its large eruption on 8-9 August 1991. This was the first and smaller of two paroxysmal eruptions occurring in the period of 8-16 August 1991, producing basaltic magmas from a fisure on the W rim of the glacier-covered caldera. The second, much larger explosive eruption ejected andesitic pumice that fell over a vast area along S Argentina, extending to the Malvinas (Falkland) Islands. The vent from this second eruption lay in the southern central part of the summit caldera. Photographer unknown, photos courtesy of Peter Ippach, Department of Volcanology at Geomar.

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