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Summit cones of Etna

Central cone (left) and Southeast Crater, with small black 1971 cone in foreground

Etna volcano, Sicily, Italy

Morphologic features: Cones and craters

Monti Rossi Monti Rossi, the cone of the 1669 eruption
(Full picture JPEG: 72K) Panoramic view of Monti Rossi, the large cone formed at the main eruptive vent of the 1669 eruption on Etna's south flank, seen from about 1 km north. The cone is now a public park. Buildings of Nicolosi, including the complex of Hotel Gemmellaro are extending up the flank of Etna on the left side of Monti Rossi. The 1669 eruption devastated the town of Nicolosi completely, covering the site with tephra deposits several meters thick. A similar eruption today cause destruction beyond imagination. Photo mosaic taken on 23 September 1989.

1985 cones
Eruptive apparatus of March 1985 at Piccolo Rifugio
(Full picture JPEG: 84K) Contrasting with the sizeable cone on the preceding image, the March 1985 eruption center did not develop any significant cones. Only a line of "hornitos" or driblet cones grew on the eruptive fissure, reaching about 3 m maximum height. The fissure cut right through the building of the "Piccolo Rifugio", already damaged by a fracture formed two years earlier, and lava issued from below the building. The 1985 eruption site lies at about 2300 m elevation on the south flank of Etna.

1985 vents and lava
Eruption vents and pahoehoe lava of the March 1985 eruption
(Full picture JPEG: 180K) Close-up view of the March 1985 eruption site, looking west. The eruptive vents developed several spiny hornitos and small lava shields. Note the abundant presence of pahoehoe lava at the vents. The main lava flow field is aa lava. During the eruption which lasted from 8 March until 13 July 1985, lava flowed on top of the much larger 1983 lava field and initially appeared to threaten the hotels and tourist facilities around Rifugio Sapienza, severely threatened and partially destroyed in 1983.

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