Geological and Mining Engineering and Sciences at Michigan Tech

Alex S. Mayer

Director, Michigan Tech Center for Water and Society

Expanding Cities: People, Water and Infrastructure

Professor of Geological and Environmental Engineering
Director, Michigan Tech Center for Water and Society

Room 809 Dow



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Personal Statement

  • The study of groundwater flow and transport appeals to me because it's so interdisciplinary- math, physics, chemistry, biology, and geology are only some of the disciplines involved. Furthermore, there are so many different scales to consider- from the molecular scale to the basin scale and from time scales of seconds to millions of years.


  • Bachelors; Brown University, 1981
  • Ph.D.; University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill, 1988


  • experimental investigations of immiscible fluid flow and interphase mass exchange between fluids
  • experimental investigations of novel methods for remediating contaminated groundwater
  • mathematical simulations for predicting contaminant transport and remediation at the field scale
  • mathematical optimization of groundwater remediation systems
  • role of faults in basin-scale groundwater flow
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