Curriculum Vitae


*      GK12: GlobalWatershed: Integrating Rural and Global Perspectives with Research and Technological Advances

*      Modeling and Analyzing the Use, Efficiency, Value and Governance of Water as a Material in the Great Lakes Region

*      Interdisciplinary study of risks associated with wastewater contamination in the Rio Sonora watershed, Mexico

*      Ecohydrology: Partitioning of hydrologic contributions in an old growth forest riparian area & Associations of groundwater with coaster brook trout spawning

*      Enhancing the Capacity for Sustainable Forest Management and Ecosystem Service Provisioning in Chiapas and Oaxaca: A US-Mexico Training, Internships, Exchanges, and Scholarships (TIES) Initiative partnership

*      Graduate Student Scholarships to Advance a Global Outlook of Economic and Social Prosperity that Protects the Environment (S-STEM)

*      Michigan Tech Center for Water & Society

*      Sustainable Development for Rural Communities- Social, Health, Economic, and Environmental Advances (SustR): A US-Mexico-Canada Exchange Program

*      Huron Creek Watershed Management Plan

*      Sustainability analysis in water resources management: Application to the Yaqui River basin, Sonora, Mexico

*      Stochastic analysis for optimal management strategies applied to the remediation of contaminated groundwater systems