Creating New Business in a New Country

Hilary Dussing, a Michigan Tech Geological Engineering '79 graduate is the Senior Project Manager in Russia for Shell Oil Company of The Netherlands.

The first program was an informal gathering with Hilary Dussing on Thursday, September 30, 2004 from 12-1pm in the Robbins Atrium. Sub sandwiches were provided.

During this informal lunch discussion session students were able to get to know Hilary, and ask her what it’s like in the real world, especially doing business in Siberia..

Hilary Dussing presented a seminar on Friday, October 1, 2004 titled, "Creating New Business in a New Country." Hilary shared her experiences in starting a new business. The key ingredients she listed vision and creativity, technical know-how, economic and commercial parameters, organizational ability, political and cultural savvy, and fortitude and a 'good story.' .

She discussed how companies, such as Shell, established a new business in a "frontier" area, such as Sakhalin Island, Russia.

Later, Hilary Dussing was inducted into the Michigan Technological University Academy of Geological and Mining Engineers and Scientists.

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