Soufriere Hills Volcano Soufriere Hills Volcano Soufriere Hills Volcano

Pictures of Soufriere Hills Volcano And Vicinity

Montserrat Volcano Observatory

Last updated 23 September 1996

Late November Through December 1995 - Aerial Tour of Soufriere Hills Volcano

January 1996 - Views of Winchester Cathedral

Early February 1996 - Helicopter views and a visit to the crater on foot.

GOES satellite animation of the 03 April 1996 late afternoon eruption cloud Compiled by Dennis Chesters, NASA-GSFC

04 April 1996 - Aerial Phtographs of the aftermath following the 02-03 April ash eruptions, dome collapse and pyroclastic flows

06 April 1996 - Photograph of the 40,000 foot ashcloud from Soufriere Hills Volcano © Chris Mason

12 May 1996 - Video Footage Taken of Soufriere Hills' first pyroclastic flows into the Atlantic Ocean.

26-28 July 1996 - Photograph of the Activity at Soufriere Hills Volcano

18 September 1996 - Satellite Imagery of the Volcanic Cloud from the Eruption on 18 September.

Montserrat Volcano Observatory