Satellite Remote Sensing Data of Current Eruptions

Hotspot detection using thermal IR University of Hawaii--Detection of hotspots at volcanoes has predictive value. Here is the current hotspot data for some of the earth's volcanoes.

AVHRR satellite data--real time INETER and Kings College London

GOES Satellite Server-- Here's all the current Geostationary imagery in processed formats. You'll have to look for the eruptions!

Volcano Watch - Univ Wisconsin, using GOES data. Realtime analysis of geostationary satellite views of some of earth's volcanoes.

Darwin VAAC One of earth's most active regions, Indonesia and Phillipines is watched by the Darwin VAAC.

Washington VAAC--NOAA This VAAC watches Latin America and much of the Pacific region.

VAACs around the world- Volcanic ash aviation centers are charged to provide real time information to aircraft in order to mitigate volcanic eruption cloud and aircraft encounters.