Ruapehu - IGNS - Science Alert Bulletin V96/08

June 16 1996 (Sunday) 0830 NZST (UT +13)

Ruapehu Volcano

Change In Status

Between approximately 1430 hr on 15 June and 0100 hr on 16 June, volcanic
tremor at Mt. Ruapehu reached the highest levels recorded during the past
6 months. The tremor signal fluctuated about an elevated level, peaking
between approximately 1600 and 1930 hr on 15 June and again between about
2330 hr (15 June) and 0030 hr (16 June). There have not been any reports
of volcanic activity accompanying this tremor episode; however, weather
conditions have prevented any observations of the volcano since the
commencement of the tremor signal.

As reported earlier, Mt. Ruapehu is an active volcano and this change in
status may be interpreted to mean that there is a possibility of eruption
at any time.

The Alert Level remains at 1, but may be revised at any time if

CJ Bryan Seismologist

for CJN Wilson  (Volcanology Programme Leader)