Ruapehu Volcano, New Zealand
Satellite Images and Movies

Ashcloud from Ruapehu

GMS-5 image showing two distinct eruptive events at Ruapehu Volcano.

1996 Eruption Images

GMS MPEG Animations 2030Z 16 June to 1330Z 17 June at one hour intervals
NOAA Image of Ruapehu Ash Plume From Manaaki Whenua Landcare Research Ltd

Mt Ruapehu Information put together by Ian Sprod at NASA

The Institute of Geophysics at Victoria University of Wellington has the latest Satellite Images on-line.

1995 Eruption Images

The recent eruptions have generated local hazards from ashfall and lahars as well as disrupting nearby airspace. However the eruption of large plumes has been sporadic and not long-lived, making them difficult to detect from satellite. However, the eruptions have not completely gone undetected.

So far GMS-5, GOES-7 and AVHHR satellite have been able to detect and track some of the larger plumes.
  • MPG animation (26K) of the Sept 23, 5pm (local time) eruption. 5 frames spanning 4.5 hours track the plume from point soure (red square) to open water north of the island. Watch just above the red square, and don't blink!
  • MPG animation (45K) of the Sept 27, 4am (local time) eruption. 11 frames spanning 9 hours track the plume from point soure (red square) to open water west of the island. Watch right of the red square.

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