Ruapehu Volcano, New Zealand

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Last updated 11 July 1996

There are two Volcano-Cams in action!
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Currently at Level 3

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IGNS - Science Alert Bulletin Latest Release
The Ministry of Civil Defense, Wellington, New Zealand: Information release Latest Release
TVNZ, New Zealand News reports, photos and animations
Awesome Photo Gallery from Stimulus Ltd and Taupo Photographer Ross Hebert
Mt Ruapehu Information from NASA

North Island, New Zealand
39.27S 175.58E
Summit Elevation 2796m
Local Time = GMT+12hrs (GMT+13hrs in NZ summer, effective October 1)
North Island's highest summit, 13 km SSW of Ngauruhoe, is marked by an acidic crater lake of highly variable temperature. This has been the site of more historic eruptions than any other crater lake in the world.

Eruption Updates

Satellite Images and Movies

  • Mt Ruapehu Information put together by Ian Sprod at NASA
  • NOAA Image of Ruapehu Ash Plume From Manaaki Whenua Landcare Research Ltd
  • The Institute of Geophysics at Victoria University of Wellington has the latest Satellite Images on-line.

    Global Volcanism Reports from the Smithsonian Institution

    Reports from 1995


    A few map perspectives of the North Island and Mount Ruapehu
  • 3-d relief map of the North Island, New Zealand showing the major volcanic centers (© RSES, Victoria University of Wellington, New Zealand).
  • Regional New Zealand Map with Mount Ruapehu location (© Delphi Australia).
  • Ashfall coverage map from the first week of eruptive activity (© The Dominion, © The Evening Post).
  • Photos and Movies Only for 1995 eruption

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