Smithsonian Institution
Global Volcanism Network Bulletin v. 19, no. 11, November 1994
Kamchatkan Volcanoes (Russia)  Activity reports halted by lack of

Kamchatkan Volcanoes
Following notice in early December that seismic stations at
Sheveluch and Tolbachik had closed, on 22 December the following
message was sent from the Alaska Volcano Observatory (AVO): "KVERT
[Kamchatkan Volcanic Eruptions Response Team] has informed AVO
that, because of a long delay in promised funding from the Ministry
of Transportation in Moscow, KVERT must suspend transmittal of
information on volcanic activity in Kamchatka. The length of the
suspension is unknown at this time. Expressions of concern and
support ... by interested parties would be appreciated."
An AVO Information Release on 9 January 1995 suggested that
"Letters of concern might mention the Kamchatkan Volcanic Eruptions
Response Team under the leadership of Vladimir Kirianov, its value
in monitoring and reporting of volcanic eruptions, the suspension
of KVERT activities because of the delay in funding, the need for
rapid transfer of funds, etc." Letters should be sent to the
Russian Department of Air Transport official handling the KVERT
funds: Valerie Shelkovnikov, Department of Air Transport, 37 Russia
Aero Navigation, Leningradsky Prospect, Moscow, Russia; Fax:
7-095-155-59-17 (precede with International Access Code, 011 in the
KVERT began regularly sending reports to AVO for further
distribution in April 1993. Since then, KVERT has provided the
overwhelming bulk of information for GVN reports about Kamchatkan
volcanic activity, the first steady stream of information from this
important region. For example, information provided by KVERT has
described significant eruptions at Sheveluch (22 April 1993),
Bezymianny (21 October 1993), and Kliuchevskoi (1-3 October 1994).
Continuous activity at Sheveluch (gas-and-steam plumes, growth of
extrusive lava dome) and Kliuchevskoi (minor ash explosions,
gas-and-steam plumes, lava fountaining, lava flows) has also been
consistently reported. Prompt notification of Kamchatkan eruptions
is especially critical because of the large volume of international
air traffic in the vicinity.
Information Contacts: Vladimir Yu. Kirianov, Institute of Volcanic
Geology & Geochemistry (see Kliuchevskoi); Thomas P. Miller (Email:, Alaska Volcano Observatory (see Kanaga).