1) Geology of the Mesoproterozoic Sibley Group (May 8-9)
(Phil Fralick, Lakehead University and Mark Smyk, Ontario Geological Survey)

This trip will examine the depositional architecture of a playa-alluvial succession developed in an intracratonic basin. This pristine sequence records the effects of both climate and tectonics on sediment character.

Rossport and Kama Hill formations exposed at Kama Hill
Kama Hill Picture

Ripple marks in quartz arenite, Pass Lake Formation
Pass Lake Ripple Marks Picture

Ruby Lake Marble quarry (
Ruby Lake Quarry Picture

Polished slab of Ruby Lake Marble
Ruby Lake Marble

2) Geology of the Lac des Iles PGE-Cu-Ni Mine (May 9)
(Moe Lavigne, Matawin Mineral Exploration and Staff, Lac des Iles Mines Ltd.)

North American Palladium Limited's open pit Lac des Iles Mine is hosted by the Archean Lac des Iles mafic-ultramafic intrusive complex. This trip will focus on PGE mineralization as it relates to intrusive lithology, structure and alteration.

Generalized geology of the Lac des Iles intrusive complex (http:'//
Lac des Iles Picture

Open pit and mill complex, Lac des Iles Mine
Lac des Iles Mill Picture

Field trip, Lac des Iles Mine
Lac des Iles Mine Trip Picture[L D I Field Trip.jpg]

3) Geoarchaeology and Deglaciation History of the Thunder Bay area (May 9)
(Brian Phillips and Joe Stewart, Lakehead University)

Soon after deglaciation, native peoples established habitation sites. This trip will examine how the local geomorphology controlled the location of these sites and the nature of human activities.

Artist's rendition of the Thunder Bay area during Minong phase of post-glacial Lake Superior
Paleo Indian Quarry Picture

Raised beaches, Lake Superior shoreline
Raised Beaches Picture


4) Geology of the Paleoproterozoic Gunflint Formation (May 12)
(Phil Fralick, Lakehead University)

The Gunflint Formation records a chemically dominated shelf sequence in which silica- and iron-rich precipitates predominate. This trip will examine the role that both physical and chemical processes played in various shelf environments.

Stromatolite in ferruginous chert-carbonate unit, Kakabeka Falls
Carbonate Chert Picture

Gunflint Formation mudstones exposed at Kakabeka Falls
Kakabeka Waterfalls Picture

5) Glacial History and Regional Till Sampling in the Archean Shebandowan Greenstone Belt (May 12)
(Andy Bajc, Ontario Geological Survey)

The Shebandowan greenstone belt, host to a variety of precious and base metal deposits, is a bedrock-dominated terrain, typically having thin till cover. Till sampling techniques and resultant gold grain and other heavy mineral results will be examined in an exploration context.

Andy Bajc and crew sampling sulphide-rich boulders in gravel pit, Conmee Township
Conmee Township Picture

Andy Bajc till sampling in trench, Bylund gold property, Dawson Road Lots
Dawson Road Lots Picture

6) Geology of the Archean Steep Rock Lake - Finlayson Lake Greenstone Belt (May 12-13)
(Denver Stone, Ontario Geological Survey, Kirsty Tomlinson, Geological Survey of Canada and Ray Bernatchez, Atikokan Resources Inc.)

This 3.0 Ga assemblage consists of ultramafic to felsic metavolcanic rocks and chemical-clastic sedimentary rocks. This trip will examine the structural, petrographic, sedimentological and economic aspects of these rocks.

Denver Stone's map of the Atikokan area, showing Steep Rock Lake-Finlayson Lake greenstone belt
Atikokan Map

Stromatolites in open pit, Steep Rock Iron Mine
Steep Rock Stromatolites