Water on Earth

Earth viewed from space looks like mostly (~ 70% of the surface) water---this is very misleading, however.

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The water is concentrated at the Earth’s surface, so its relative mass compared to the whole Earth is small. It amounts to about 0.02 % of Earth’s mass!

The largest drop here represents the volume of all water, the mid sized drop freshwater, and the smallest drop (near Atlanta) all of Earth’s lake water.

96.5% of Earth’s water is in the oceans, 2.5% is freshwater, about 1% is salty water in the ground.

Freshwater resources are nearly 70% locked up in ice, and most of the rest is in the ground. Only 1.3 % is surficial freshwater, mostly in lakes.  Lake Superior is about 10% of Earth’s total surficial fresh water, a remarkable concentration--Earth’s second largest.  Two larger lakes are Lake Baikal, which has nearly twice the volume of Lake Superior, and Lake Tanganyika. Both are also located in rift valleys.