Freda Sandstone beds

Freda Sandstone beds

Stamp sands


Exotic Boulders


Bear Lake



At the North Entry, Access by car requires separate trips to McLain St Park (north side of Houghton/Hancock lift bridge, M203), and the North Canal Park (S side of the lift bridge, Houghton Canal Rd).

Stamp Sands have accumulated from Freda’s mills on the North Canal Side. The breakwater on the North Canal side has an impressive array of igneous rocks from around the big lake. On the McLain side, one can visit : 1. rapidly eroding shoreline, probably caused at least in part by the man made engineering from the breakwater construction, which interferes with the sediment pattern, 2. Coastal dunes; and 3. An old channel which formed during some earlier lake level, partly occupied by Bear Lake.

Eroding shoreline

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