Geologic Elements of the Keweenaw & Isle Royale
Bill Rose

There are 5 elements to the local geological story, as shown by the rocks and landscapes, and reflected in the ecosystems and culture.  This website is aimed to help you focus on them, and use the vast resources of others who have contributed educational materials to the WWW, to build understanding of geoheritage through knowledge of earth science.

0. the Early Earth

1. Lavas and the great continental split

2. Red Sediments and the filling of the hole

3. The Great Thrust Fault

3.2 Snowball Earth

3.5 Earth’s fossil record

4. Massive Glaciation

5. The Feel and Look of the Lake

Five “moments” of Earth History are in our rock record here:

A record of all the rest of Earth’s history is missing here!

Some tiny exceptions:

    erratics that are older, from far away and out of context

    outliers from the Ordovician and Silurian (orthocones)

The Fault
GeoElements of Michigan’s Keweenaw:
Lavas    Sandstone    Fault    Glaciers    Lake