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Last year's Concert at Delaware Mine:

New Geoheritage Books!

A new 64 page all color booklet about the Keweenaw and Isle Royale and their geoheritage (Title: How the rock connects us) is now available. It is published by IRKPA. A review is in the March 2019 issue of Earth Magazine.

We are also happy that the third edition of Walking Paths & Protected Areas of the Keweenaw (2009), republished by Michigan Nature Association, includes new geoheritage information and links to our web materials.

Recent Geoheritage Press:

Lake Superior Magazine Feb 2017 issue  Land, Water, History: A State of the Lake Report by Erika Vye.     Geoheritage and marine conservation are among the big new ideas on our horizon for preserving and celebrating natural and human history. 

Unscripted: Stamping through History Michigan Tech by Allison Mills

Unscripted:  More than a Boulder  Michigan Tech  by Allison Mills

EOS Earth and Space Science News: New Insights into the Midcontinent Rift by S Stein and others

WI Rose, EC Vye, CA Stein, DH Malone, JP Craddock and S Stein (2017) Jacobsville Sandstone: A candidate for nomination for “Global Heritage Stone Resource” from Michigan, USA Episodes 40 (3) 213-219.

Unscripted:  All's Ashore that's going ashore

Michigan Tech by Cyndi Perkins

Unscripted: Black and white and red all over

Michigan Tech by Cyndi Perkins

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