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Calumet is famous, especially for mining and labor issues--one especially famous site is the Italian Hall:

The story of the Italian Hall event

Big Annie Clemenc, heroine of Calumet

Italian hall massacre, 1913

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Movie: 1913 Massacre

John William Nara (1874–1934),

"The Italian Hall Disaster in Pictures", Michigan Tech Archives

Big Annie Clemenc

The Italian Hall is the most famous landmark of mining history in all of Calumet, known worldwide as a symbol of the battle between immigrant miners and a powerful, benevolent, but paternalistic company.  The story was interpreted differently by the various sources--English language newspapers presented the company point of view, while foreign language papers were the miner’s voices. The Christmas eve of 1913 was during a long bitter strike, at a time when miners sought some joy from a Christmas party.  The town was full of national guard and scabs from far away. The miners and their families got an unexpected and undeserved outcome of death that echoed across the whole country. It may have broken the resolve of miners in Calumet, but strengthened the International Mine Workers Union for its longer-term struggle.

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