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Field Studies of Active Guatemalan Volcanoes

Photos from Michigan Tech Geological and Mining Engineering and Sciences department field trip to Guatemala in January, 2004. The students' travel was partially supported by a Graduate School award to Dr. Gregg Bluth to "Enhance Research and Mentoring of Graduate Students Program"

Photo, upper left: Yvonne Branan (PhD Geology). She is using a Correlation Spectrometer to measure sulfur dioxide gas fluxes emitted from Santiaguito volcano, Guatemala.
Photo at left: Elisabet Head (MS Geology). She is taking
radiometer (temperature) measurements of the active summit crater of Santiaguito volcano, Guatemala.
Photo left: Marika Dalton (MS Geology). She is taking GPS
(Global Positioning System) measurements around Pacaya volcano, for use in mapping and satellite studies.

Santiaguito Volcano
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