Current Funded Projects


J S Gierke (PI),  G P Waite, E Gross and W I Rose "Remote Sensing for Hazard Mitigation and Resource Protection in Pacific Latin America" $2.3 M 2005-2013 US NSF OISE PIRE

Rose, WI, J E Huntoon, B Baltensperger and K Hungwe  “Michigan Teaching Excellence Program (MITEP): A Model for Improving Earth Science Education Nationwide  $ 4.1 M  2009-2014  US NSF MSP

Rose, WI and B VanWyk deVries “INVOGE: New Dual Geological MASTERS” $460,000  2009-2014 US Department of Education FIPSE EU Atlantis

Carn SA and WI Rose “VHub-Cyberinfrastructure for Volcano Eruption and Hazards Modeling and Simulation $340,000 US NSF CDI Type II (subcontract from U Buffalo, G Valentine PI) 2010-2013.

Rose, WI, GP Waite, E Paterson and SA Carn “PASI Open Vent Volcano Hazards in Pacific Latin America--workshop in Costa Rica, Jan 2011 $101,000 US NSF OISE