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Department of Geological Engineering and Sciences
207 Dow Environmental Sciences Bldg
1400 Townsend Drive
Michigan Technological University
Houghton, MI 49931 USA

PHONE: Office (906) 487-2367;

Home (906) 482-6613

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FAX: 906 487-3371


Travel Plans in near future:


May 19: Madison--Keweenaw Geoheritage

May 26: HKCD: Torch Lake Geology

July 8: KCHS, Eagle Harbor: Geoheritage

July 14: St Anne’s Keweenaw Park Geology

Aug 6: Tech Alumni Talk: Geoheritage

Aug 8:  HHS: Keweenaw Copper

Oct 7: SME Meeting, Houghton: Keweenaw Fault

Oct 8: Houghton: Geotourism in the Keweenaw

Oct 10: MESTA/Lansing: Geoheritage

Nov 1-4: GSA Baltimore, MD

Nov 17-19--Managua

Field Trip Dates

July 22-25 Geol Society of Minnesota

July 27 Lavas

July 28 Fault

July 29 Sandstone

July 30 Lake/ Stampsands