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Website Gallery to show you can get Aurora Borealis pictures and time lapse in Houghton Michigan and Keweenaw area of the Upper Peninsula
Good Luck!


View Gallery of Keweenaw Peninsula Aurora Borealis Videos from Other Channels

Aurora Borealis Northern Lights Sep 23 2014
Aurora Borealis Northern Lights Sep 23 2014 Houghton Michigan Upper Peninsula 10:00 pm to 12:00 am EDT
View Video Aurora Borealis Northern Lights Sep 23 2014 of 6 frames per second time lapse

   Aurora Borealis Northern Lights September 18-19, 2014
Aurora Borealis Northern Lights September 18-19, 2014 6 fps Houghton Michigan, Upper Peninsula. This night was affected by haze and humidity, lake breeze fogged up lens at times. A dim faded glow to a glow and then kind of suddenly some spikes12:11 am
Aurora Borealis 6 frames per second version

aurora sep 11, 2014
Faint Aurora Borealis Glow at Moonrise 10:14 pm Sep 11, 2014

Aurora Borealis Michigan Sep 11, 2014
Aurora Borealis Michigan Sep 11, 2014

There was an Aurora Borealis Septermber 18-19, 2014 Video Playlist


Aurora Borealis September 11-12, 2014 6 fps Upper Peninsula Michigan Houghton 6 frames per second. Includes a moonrise segment which later did affect the lighting of the aurora. Not continuous, shot about 10 pm to 1 pm.
Aurora Borealis 2 frames per second version

See August 2014 Aurora video
VIDEO Aurora Borealis Aug 28 2014 Northern Lights Houghton Michigan Upper Peninsula
1. (2 frames/sec)

2. (6 frames/sec)


Aurora Borealis Northern Lights Houghton Michigan Upper Peninsula August 28 2014
Aurora Borealis Northern Lights Houghton Michigan Upper Peninsula August 28 2014 Approx. Time 1:00 am EDT Approx. Loc. 47.08 88.55 The NOAA Space Weather Alert screenshot was not at that time, but shows the space weather event. Click for bigger picture of above Aurora image

See April 2014 Aurora video
VIDEO Aurora Borealis April 20, 2014

Larger image of above photo
Aurora Borealis April 20, 2014 near Houghton Michigan
Aurora Borealis April 20, 2014 near Houghton Michigan about 11 pm




February 20, 2014 Aurora Borealis
Aurora Borealis February 19, 2014 near Houghton Michigan
Click here for larger image | Click for Video

From the Archives:
Another Awesome Aurora Pic
Photos in this column
by Jan Curtis

Awesome Aurora Pic

Yet Another Awesome Aurora Pic

From the Archives:
Aurora 10/02/13 2 EDT 47.068668,-88.516502 Aurora 10/02/13 2 EDT 47.068668,-88.516502
See Video and more photos 2013 October 2nd Aurora

Aurora  October 1, 2012  Houghton, Michigan  Aurora  October 1, 2012  Houghton, Michigan
Aurora October 1, 2012
Click to see more photos

Michigan Tech news article on Aurora

July 2004 aurora  July 2004 aurora
Aurora over Hancock, MI looking north, July 25, 2004, 2:18am
Photos by Claudia Perko

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Aurora Detectors, building your own...

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Aurora sites

  • The University of Calgary Department of Physics & Astronomy Institute for Space Research (ISR) has been doing ground-based and space-born measurements of the aurora and upper atmosphere for over 25 years. Links to space and ground based research equipment, techniques, and images.
  • Solar -- Includes archive of solar storms history

Space and Sun sites


Other Sites

Informative reading on the aurora.
From the Exploratorium comes The Aurora Tutorial
Be sure to pick up a copy of The Aurora Watcher's Handbook by T. Neil Davis (University of Alaska Press, 1992; ISBN 0-912006-60-9).

Welcome comments, inquiries or questions... direct them to We try to keep all links alive; Links last checked on September 26, 2014

Please note: We cannot answer e-mail questions about Aurora forecasts for auroral intensity or time in your area. The intensity of the Aurora is unpredictable like the weather, but the links on this page will help you to calculate the extent and intensity and times. This web site is presented as a collection of links and images. See the Aurora Wiki


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Houghton Aurora Mural
Houghton Aurora Mural


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