Montserrat Volcano Observatory

Daily Report
Report for the period 16:00 25 December
to 16:00 26 December 1996
Boxing Day
The current alert level is ORANGE

Activity on the October 1 dome continues. Seismic activity is at its highest level since banded tremor started and there has been a slight reduction in the time between the peaks in the tremor. There are currently dangers of both large pyroclastic flows into the Tar River valley and of sudden collapses from the Galway's Wall. Either could have serious consequences for much of the evacuated area. Depending on the wind direction, rockfalls from the dome may cause some ashfall in areas to the west or northwest of the volcano.

There is still no access to zone A/B. Restricted access is allowed to zone C/D, but only for essential purposes and by people with a means of rapid exit. Zones E, F and G have normal occupation.

Rockfall and small pyroclastic flow activity from the October 1 dome continued throughout today. The vast majority of the activity is from the south side of the October dome, although there is some activity on the northern flank. Many of the events generated small ash clouds which drifted to the west of the volcano.

Seismic activity has stayed at a high level, with hybrid events and continuous seismic tremor dominating the records. The peaks in the tremor have increased slightly in size and the level is now the highest since banded tremor began on 22 December. The time between the peaks has reduced slightly to about 7 hours. This type of activity was last seen between late July and mid-September and was associated with large pyroclastic flows and ultimately the 17/18 September explosion.

Montserrat Volcano Observatory