Montserrat Volcano Observatory

Morning Report
Report for the period 16:00 20 December
to 06:00 21 December 1996
The alert level has been reinstated to ORANGE

The volcano has been relatively quiet overnight, with initial indications suggesting that rock fall activity from the lava dome and landslides from the Galway's Wall have both been at a low level. The brief burst of VT activity yesterday afternoon had died down by 7.30 pm last night, although 3 small, slightly deeper VT earthquakes were recorded overnight. These are not of immediate concern, although they will become so if they increase in magnitude, rate of occurrence or depth. There was no significant generation of ash overnight.

The phase of activity which prompted the move to Red Alert during the evening of 19 December now appears to be finished, although the volcano is still in a dangerous state. The rapid switching between different styles of activity is of concern to the scientists and they cannot rule out a rapid escalation in activity over the next few days.

The airport will be open as normal this morning.

All citizens of Montserrat should remain in their normal vigilant state with regard to the volcano. Any changes to the activity will be relayed by MVO to the authorities immediately and the 24 hour monitoring operation will continue throughout the upcoming festive period.

Montserrat Volcano Observatory