Montserrat Volcano Observatory

Morning Report
Report for the period 16:00 6 December
to 07:00 7 December 1996
The current alert level is ORANGE

The intense swarm of VT earthquakes has continued overnight. The rate late last night was as high as it has been during the swarm, and the number and size of the larger earthquakes remain the same. A series of large landslides from the Galway's Wall occurred yesterday evening. The revised risk map is in operation and there will continue to be no access into Zone A/B. Access to Zone C/D is restricted and all residents in Zone E are reminded to stay vigilant.

A total of about 110 volcano-tectonic earthquakes have been recorded since 4 pm yesterday. This is a slight decrease from yesterday's overnight count, although most of the reduction is in the number of small earthquakes. The larger of the earthquakes now occurring are as powerful as during any time in the past week and are happening just as often.

There were 9 rock avalanches which were large enough to trigger the seismic networks overnight. These came mainly from the Galway's Wall. Although not yet fully analysed, these Galway's Wall rock avalanches appear to be amongst the largest yet seen.

Visibility is poor this morning and no observations of the Galway's Wall or crater area have yet been made. Once visibility improves, a helicopter flight will be made to inspect the crater and Galway's Wall areas.

Montserrat Volcano Observatory