Montserrat Volcano Observatory

Daily Report
Report for the period 16:00 12 November
to 16:00 13 November 1996
The current alert level is ORANGE.

Activity at the volcano has continued at a reduced level during the past 24 hours. The crater has been overcast all day and no clear views were obtained. Even though relatively quiet, the scientists remain highly concerned about the possibility of dome explosions from the volcano.

Seismic activity during the period has been limited to rockfall signals, and low amplitude tremor on the Gages station. Four rockfall signals triggered the seismic network during the period, the largest at 13:51 today which was heard by the field team at Brodericks. No VT or long period earthquakes were recorded. The tremor on Gages has been at a low amplitude intermittently throughout the day, probably indicative of increased steaming.

The viewing conditions at the volcano were again very poor for the entire day and no views were obtained of the crater. The audible rock falls indicate that some dome growth is probably occurring, though the rate of growth at present is impossible to tell. It is clear, however, that the rate of growth of the dome has slowed from the rate seen through October.

No EDM measurements were carried out today due to persistent low cloud. A test GPS survey was carried out in the Amersham and Dagenham areas to try to find out why deformation surveys in the area often give poor results. A re-occupation of the Brodericks dry tilt triangle was undertaken today; the results should be available tomorrow and will give another indication as to whether or not the lower flanks of the volcano are deforming.

The COSPEC instrument was used today to measure the amount of sulphur dioxide (SO2) coming from the volcano. A figure of 178 tonnes per day was calculated, which is similar to the level over the past few weeks.

Scientists at MVO remind everyone that the volcano is still in a very dangerous state and all residents should follow the recommendations laid out in the alert procedures and listen to Radio Montserrat. The volcano has not behaved in this way before and is thus unpredictable, hence the high concern level amongst the scientists. A rapid escalation to explosive activity is possible at any time and citizens are reminded not to become complacent.

Montserrat Volcano Observatory