Montserrat Volcano Observatory

Morning Update
Report for the period 16:00 22 October
to 07:00 23 October 1996

Activity at the volcano has been at about the same level as yesterday with a few larger rockfall signals being recorded. The number of medium-sized rockfall signals increased overnight, although the total number of rockfalls was lower than yesterday. The largest rockfall, at 17:52 yesterday, produced small ash cloud which reached up to about 200 m (660 ft), above the crater and caused light ashfall in Plymouth.

Six volcano-tectonic events were also recorded; these occurred during the period 22:00 last night to 03:00 today. Tremor has been continuous on the Gages seismic station for most of the night.

Low cloud cover obscured the top of the volcano early today but conditions look favourable for clear views to be obtained later in the day.

The volcano remains in a highly dangerous condition. The October 1 dome continues to grow at a high rate, and further pyroclastic flows are likely. All residents of Montserrat are urged to exercise caution while visiting the evacuated zone and to become familiar with the new alert system and evacuation procedures. The Tar River and Long Ground areas are extremely dangerous, and people entering these areas face a high risk of death.

Montserrat Volcano Observatory