Montserrat Volcano Observatory

Morning Update
Report for the period 16:00 14 October
to 07:00 15 October 1996

Activity at the volcano has continued at about the same level as yesterday. Several small rockfall signals were recorded overnight; these remain the most common seismic signal obtained from the volcano. A single volcano-tectonic earthquake was recorded during the period. This was located at a depth of 5 to 6 km east of the volcano and was recorded at 16:42 yesterday. Intermittent to near-continuous tremor has been recorded on the Gages seismic station for most of the period.

Low cloud has prevented any views of the crater area this morning but conditions look favourable for good views to be obtained later during the day.

MVO scientists stress that the volcano is still in a highly dangerous state, despite the current low level of seismic activity. The October 1 dome continues to grow at a relatively fast rate and further pyroclastic flows are likely. These could trigger another explosive eruption with very little warning. The Tar River and Long Ground areas are extremely dangerous, and people entering them face a high risk of death.

All residents of Montserrat are urged to exercise caution while visiting the evacuated zone and to become familiar with the new alert system and evacuation procedures.

Montserrat Volcano Observatory