Montserrat Volcano Observatory

Morning Update
Report for the period 16:00 05 October
to 07:00 06 October 1996

The volcano has remained quiet overnight. There have been fewer rockfalls than yesterday, and these have been small. There have been no earthquakes.

The volcano is very cloudy this morning, and no views of the crater have been obtained. Observations yesterday showed that the 1 October dome is growing quite fast. The lack of earthquakes associated with this growth indicates that the magma has a free path to the surface. Measurements made of the new dome from the helicopter on October 2 and 3 indicate that the rate of magma production is almost 4 cubic metres per second.

MVO scientists expect more rockfalls will occur as the October 1 dome increases in size. Further pyroclastic flows are possible. All indications are that the rockfalls and pyroclastic flows will be confined to the Tar River valley area but ashfalls may affect other areas. Dust masks should be worn at all times in ashy environments.

Despite the current low activity at the volcano, the volcano is still highly dangerous and the activity could change at any time. Individuals put themselves in extreme danger if they venture beyond Long Ground into the Tar River valley. All individuals passing checkpoints in whatever part of the island are reminded that they are entering areas which may become unsafe very quickly, and everyone should be on maximum alert in all of these areas. All residents of southern Montserrat are asked to ensure that they are familiar with the new alert system and evacuation procedures.

Montserrat Volcano Observatory