Montserrat Volcano Observatory

Daily Report
Report for the period 16:00 04 October
to 16:00 05 October 1996

Seismic activity at the volcano continues to be relatively low with rockfall signals being the only type of events being recorded. The October 1 dome continue to grow and some brief view were obtained during the day.

The seismic activity has been at a low level, with 20 rockfall signals being recorded. Apart from these events a single regional event, which occurred at 09:12 on 5 October was the only other seismic event recorded. One period of tremor was recorded at the Gages seismograph station from 2100 last night to 0400 this morning. This tremor is probably due to steam venting at the volcano.

Visibility was generally poor for most of the day although there were some views obtained of the dome complex. Observations made yesterday and early today suggested that the October 1 dome continues to grow. The new dome is still a roughly flat toped feature with steep sides and continue to fill the bottom of the scar produced by the explosion of 17-18 September.

EDM measurements were attempted from Long Ground and Whites today to the new Castle Peak reflector, however no measurement was obtained due to low cloud cover over the volcano. No GPS measurements were made today.

Work continued today on the installation of new seismic stations around the volcano; new stations were established at Garibaldie Hill and Gages today and preparatory work began at Roches Yard and Bethel. The installation forms part of a new broadband seismic network which would provide the basic component of a long-term monitoring strategy for the Soufriere Hills Volcano.

The continued rapid growth of the October 1 dome means that rockfalls and possibly pyroclastic flows will occur during the next few days. These will result in ash clouds which may affect areas to the west of the volcano. There is still a lot of ash around, and dust masks should be worn if necessary. Individuals put themselves in extreme danger if they venture beyond the Long Ground area into the Tar River valley. Everyone who passes through the checkpoints are reminded that they are entering areas which may become unsafe very quickly, and that they should be on maximum alert at all times while in the danger zone.

Montserrat Volcano Observatory