Montserrat Volcano Observatory

Daily Report
Report for the period 16:00 03 October
to 16:00 04 October 1996

The level of activity at the volcano continues to be relatively low. Very few earthquakes have occurred, and the seismic record has been dominated by small rockfalls. The 1 October dome continues to grow within the scar caused by the 17/18 September explosion.

The seismic activity has been at a low level, with only one VT earthquake recorded. There have been 19 rockfall signals, of about the same size as on previous days.

Visibility was very good this morning, and good views were obtained of the October 1 dome from Whites and the airport. The dome is still growing and remains the same shape, with steep sides and a flat top. Small rockfalls have occurred from the faces of the dome. The results from the helicopter survey on October 2 show that the dome had a volume of about 160,000 cubic meters then.

EDM measurements were made between Whites to Castle Peak and Galloways to Chances Peak. The Galloways to Chances Peak line has shorted by 1 mm during the past 6 days, which is consistent with recent trends.

A new seismic station was installed at Windy Hill today. This is part of the new broadband seismic network.

The continued rapid growth of the October 1 dome means that rockfalls and possibly pyroclastic flows will occur during the next few days. These will result in ash clouds. There is still a lot of ash around, and dust masks should be worn if necessary. Individuals put themselves in extreme danger if they venture beyond the Long Ground area into the Tar River valley. Everyone who passes through the checkpoints are reminded that they are entering areas which may become unsafe very quickly, and that they should be on maximum alert at all times while in the danger zone.

Montserrat Volcano Observatory