Montserrat Volcano Observatory

Morning Update
Report for the period 16:00 21 September
to 07:00 22 September 1996

Activity at the Soufriere Hills volcano continued to be at a very low level during the reporting period. A few small rockfalls occurred overnight but no volcano-tectonic, hybrid or long period events occurred during the entire period.

The thunderstorm currently overhead has caused some electronic noise on the seismometers in the network, and heavy rain has led to flash flooding and possibly mudflow activity in Fort Ghaut, which was most intense for about 10 minutes starting at 06:25 this morning.

Low cloud cover over the summit of the volcano has prevented any clear views during the early morning.

Anyone venturing into the Plymouth area this morning should take extra precautions on the road as the rain will have remobilised ash and gravel from last week's volcanic activity, causing unevenness on the road surface. Residents of all of the southwestern communities are advised that the weight of ash now that it is wet could cause the failure of some roofs.

Dr Anne-Marie Lejeune left the island late yesterday afternoon after just over two months here, working on GPS surveys, dome volume estimation and environmental monitoring. Graham Ryan also left island yesterday to return to university in the UK. Graham volunteered his services to MVO over his summer vacation and we thank him for his help

Montserrat Volcano Observatory