Montserrat Volcano Observatory

Morning Update
0700H 05 July, 1996

The overnight seismic activity at the Soufriere Hills Volcano remained generally low as during the preceding 24 hour period. the most frequently occurring events were small rockfalls from the dome but a few moderate sized hybrid events werequite notable. The pattern of seismicity suggests that the lava dome inside English' s Crater is still growing.

During the update period several small rockfall signals were received but the larger signals originated from isolated hybrid earthquakes, the types that are associated with dome growth. The largest signal arrived at 10:41 pm on July 4 and was just over a minute in duration. Although this signal saturated the Long Ground record for a short time it was very unlikely that any significant ash clouds accompanied it.. A few small long period events were also recorded. Low amplitude Broadband tremor occurred from about 04:00 pm to 10:30 pm yesterday. It resumed at about 04:00 am this morning and continued through to the end of the update period.

Visibility was poor yesterday evening and this morning, with the volcano obscured by clouds.

Recent observations show that the dome continues to grow, despite the relatively low level of seismic activity. The side are becoming steeper and more unstable. The threats posed by the Soufriere Hills Volcano continue at the same or greater severity as over the past several months. The Tar River, Long Ground and Whites areas to the east and the upper Fort Ghaut, Gages Village and Upper Amersham areas to the west are still extremely hazardous. People should not enter these areas under any circumstances because they put themselves and others at direct risk of very serious injury or death. People are urged to keep visits to the evacuated zone to an absolute minimum.

Montserrat Volcano Observatory