Montserrat Volcano Observatory

Daily Report
Report for the period 16:00 26 June
to 16:00 27 June 1996

Activity at the Soufriere Hills Volcano has been at about the same level today as the preceding twenty-four hours. Small and moderately-sized rockfalls from the lava dome continue to dominate the activity.

A total of 59 rockfall events were recorded during this period, just a few more than yesterday. The largest of these events were at 00:44. 07:14, 11:35, 12:55 and 15:12 on 27 June; only the 11:35 event produced a visible ash cloud, although others may have been lost in the low cloud. Hybrid and long period events remained at a low rate of occurrence; there were seven hybrid events and six long period earthquakes during this reporting period, and also one volcano-tectonic event. Tremor level was generally low throughout this period.

Visibility was very poor all day and no visual observations of the upper parts of the dome were possible. Teams working on the lower flanks of the volcano reported small rockfalls at several times during the day.

No COSPEC measurements were carried out today.

EDM measurements were made on the Windy Hill - St. Georges Hill - Farrell's triangle again today. The results have not yet been processed. A technical problem is thought to have caused the large changes in line length seen over the past two days - this problem has now been rectified. Site preparation of the second of two permanent GPS stations, at Reids Hill Estate, started today. Other GPS measurements were also carried out at various stations today; results continue to show only very small movements of the volcano.

There has been some increase in the level of activity over the past two days and the volcano is considered highly dangerous to people and property on both it's eastern and upper western flanks. Visits to the evacuated zone must be kept to an absolute minimum. The Tar River, Long Ground and Whites areas to the east and upper Fort Ghaut, Gages Village and Upper Amersham areas to the west are all extremely dangerous. All access roads remain closed and people should not enter these areas under any circumstances. If they do, they put themselves and others at direct risk of serious injury or death.

Montserrat Volcano Observatory