Montserrat Volcano Observatory

Daily Report
Report for the period 16:00 17 June
to 16:00 18 June 1996

Activity at the Soufriere Hills Volcano has remained at a relatively low level today and was dominated by small- to moderate-sized rockfalls and intermittent low amplitude broadband tremor recorded only by the closest seismic stations.

A total of 81 rockfall events were recorded during this period, slightly more than yesterday. None of these were large enough to generate any major ash clouds although the largest, at 07:42 on 18 June, did produce a visible ash cloud over the Amersham and Parsons area. The small repetitive hybrid events seen during the last few days died out completely during this period. There were 13 long-period and one volcano-tectonic earthquake during the reporting period; the v-t was located at a depth of about 6 km, 12 km NE of Windy Hill. Intermittent low- to moderate-amplitude broadband tremor was recorded throughout the reporting period on the stations closest to the volcano.

Viewing conditions have again been rather poor, although sightings of the lower flanks of the dome were possible from the helicopter in the late morning. Rockfall activity continues on the northeastern, northern and southeastern flanks of the volcano, and also in the sector behind the Gages Wall, although the extent of new material in upper Fort Ghaut remains unknown.

No EDM measurements were made today due to low cloud covering the targets; yesterday's measurements of the northern triangle did not show any changes in line length. GPS measurements were made, but the data has not yet been processed. Data from yesterday's surveys showed no movements larger than the error of the technique.

No COSPEC traverses were made today.

Scientists at the Montserrat Volcano Observatory remain highly concerned about the current state of the volcano and the dangers to people and property on both the eastern and upper western flanks of the volcano. Visits to the evacuated zone should be kept to an absolute minimum. The Tar River, Long Ground and Whites areas to the east and upper Fort Ghaut, Gages Village and Upper Amersham areas to the west are all extremely dangerous. The road between Lee's Estate and Ryners Village remains closed. People should not enter these areas under any circumstances. If they do, they put themselves and others at direct risk of serious injury or death.

Montserrat Volcano Observatory