Montserrat Volcano Observatory

Daily Report
Report for the period 16:00 03 May
to 16:00 04 May 1996

The level of activity at the Soufriere Hills volcano during this period has been lower than during the previous 24 hours. Seismicity continues to be characterised by both intermittent low amplitude broadband tremor recorded at the nearest seismic stations and small rockfalls. A few small hybrid earthquakes and long period events were also recorded.

The eastern and northern EDM triangles were measured today and the results continue to show only very small changes, consistent with slow deformation of the volcanic edifice. The height of the top of the dome measured today was 2,978 ft. This represents a decrease of 5 ft from yesterday's measurement and is probably due to rockfalls undercutting the highest part of the dome.

COSPEC measurements were made today but the data is still being processed. Preliminary results from the survey carried out yesterday 03 May 1996 indicate an SO2 flux of less than 100 tonnes per day.

Visibility levels varied during most of the day and observations were made from the helicopter and from several points on the ground. The eastern, northeastern and northern sectors of the dome continue to be the areas of highest rockfall activity. Steam emissions are also occurring from many areas of the dome.

The MVO still views the situation at the Soufriere Hills Volcano with grave concern and the scientists continue to urge that visits to the evacuated zone be kept to a minimum. The Tar River, Long Ground and Whites areas are extremely dangerous and should not be entered under any circumstances.

Montserrat Volcano Observatory