Montserrat Volcano Observatory

Morning Update
0700 6 April, 1996

The level of seismic activity during the night was slightly higher than that observed during the later part of yesterday afternoon 05 April. It was dominated by the occurrence of many signals interpreted to represent either rockfalls and/or very small explosions. Small hybrid type events continue to occur but at a lower rate than previously. Several episodes of low amplitude broadband tremor were also recorded by the Gages seismic station.

At first light, visibility of the volcano from the Observatory remains poor but observations from Bramble Control Tower indicate that the most recent spine is still intact and probably slightly larger in size. Bramble Tower also report that there is continuous emission of variable amounts of ash from the top of the eroded valley on the eastern flank of the dome.

The MVO still considers the volcano to be in an elevated and dangerous state of activity and hence all the recommended precautions should be strictly adhered to.

The climatic conditions this morning are very similar to those of yesterday and if they remain constant throughout the day, ash columns generated can be expected to cause ashfall in the central and northern areas of the island.

Montserrat Volcano Observatory