Montserrat Volcano Observatory

Daily Report
Report for the period 16:00 on 03 April
to 16:00 on 04 April 1996

After the significant events during the later part of the previous period, this 24-hour period was characterised by a variable level of activity. Major eruptive events occurred at 18:08 on 03 April, and 00:10 and 02:20 on 04 April. The event of 18:08 generated a pyroclastic flow in the Tar River area which was slightly smaller than that of 15:18 on 03 April. Most of the ash associated with these events was blown by the wind and deposited in the central and northern parts of the island. Several other smaller ash plumes were seen at 10:28, 10:39 and 15:20 and may have been associated with rockfalls off the eastern dome and/or explosive events.

Although visual observations from Whites, WH Bramble Airport and the helicopter were constrained by low cloud cover, a new spine was seen today close to the centre of the dome. Fires started by the pyroclastic flows yesterday were still continuing in the Tar River area.

Seismicity has been dominated by the occurrence of hybrid type events at a rate of about one per two to five minutes. These events have been located beneath English's Crater at shallow depths and are interpreted as being indicative of continuous dome growth.

The eastern EDM triangle (Long Ground - Whites - Castle Peak) was measured today and slant distances exhibit very small changes within the accuracy of the technique.

The volcano remains in a state of serious unrest and the situation warrants continued vigilance and extreme caution.

Montserrat Volcano Observatory