Montserrat Volcano Observatory

Daily Report
Report for the period 16:00 on 28 March 1996
to 16:00 on 29 March 1996

The level of activity has been low today, but all indications are that dome growth continues. Observations of the crater area were made from the helicopter this morning, and from White's this afternoon. Only a few rockfalls have occured. One large rockfall at 14:47 was observed from White's, and caused a large ash cloud that drifted westwards. The main area of activity remains in the east of the dome, but no new material has fallen into the Tar River area.

The seismic activity continues to be of a variable nature and has been at a lower level than the last few days. The largest signals recorded are caused by rockfalls from the dome. Small long-period and hybrid earthquakes have also occurred.

The eastern and southern EDM triangles were measured today. The Long Ground to Castle Peak line showed a small and insignificant change of 1 mm since yesterday, continuing the trend observed over the past several days.

Members of the public are still strongly advised to keep out of the Tar River Valley area.

Montserrat Volcano Observatory