Montserrat Volcano Observatory

Daily Report
Report for the period 16:00 on 15 March 1996
to 16:00 on 16 March 1996

The seismic activity in the last 24 hours has been dominated by long period signals, most of them due to rockfalls from the dome. A total of 30 such signals were recorded by most of the stations in the network. One small volcano-tectonic earthquake was located, at about 1 km beneath the crater.

The eastern EDM triangle, between Long Ground, Whites and Castle Peak was measured today. Small changes (about 1 mm of shortening) were detected in the line lengths to Castle Peak since they were last measured yesterday, continuing the trends of the past several months.

No visual observations were possible today because of the low cloud. Small emissions of ash were detected at approx. 0315, 1335 and 1430 today, due to rockfalls from the dome.

Gas and particle samples were collected from the Tar River area, the Observatory and from sites in Plymouth today. A maintenance visit was made to the South Soufriere Hills seismic station.

Montserrat Volcano Observatory